Friday, November 21, 2008

Anil Kapoor

Never thought i'd ever dedicate a blog to any other actor except SRK..:) but i realize that what we actually like, may not be what we think we do! I'll be dedicating a post on the workings of the minds on various aspects soon, but this one - though short, is for Anil Kapoor!

As I'm watching Chameli Ki Shaadi on Star Gold right now, I felt I must formalize the thought that for me Anil Kapoor is the one and only actor whose every film has been entertaining for me! I'm surprised at the number of times I always get hooked onto any movie if it has Anil Kapoor. I'm not much of a film watcher on television.. so I guess then that it's some credit to AK that I've always seen all his films on TV... must've seen Nayak a million times, also some weird films of his too... the names of which I still don't know.. :) There's this one where he's dancing with Juhee Chawla... a strange cheapo number with her in tennis skirts, then one in which he's some random publisher with a baby to look after, then one where he's a single father, then Judaai, Mr India, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja, Jooth Bole Kawah Kate, Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain, Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai ...and many more. I must be the only person who also liked Armaan.. but it was only and only because of Anil Kapoor. I even loved him in Salaam-e-Ishq & Mann! It was tough battle for me as a viewer to see Aish go to Akshaye Khanna in Taal rather than him.. :) My favourite of course has been Lamhe, with Nayak coming a very close second. :)

I wonder if i can try and de-construct this charisma that he has. He's not traditionally good looking or something - on the contrary, was (and still is) this lanky and tall guy, with this very attractive thick mop of hair on his head... but then he's got a perfect blend of this typical Indian rustic charm and finesse... he's strong, very masculine, has intense dialogue delivery and enjoyed roles with a beautiful depth to them... of course all this is the on screen Anil Kapoor i'm speaking about... but huhhhh... that's all i'd like to know at least.. :)

I know i'll be seeing Yuvvraaj.. and though i don't like his look in it (in fact the whole movie looks a flop from its promos)... i know i'll still enjoy his performance there...

The problem is i've always been crazy over SRK... but what's this? - it's not all of his films that i like.. :) So now, even though i know i'll love Shahrukh in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (yes i'm quite sure about it!)... I admit Anil Kapoor's movies will always always rank as my favourite films on TV!

Coming up next: Pretty Faces

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Human Globalization

I can't help but get goose bumps when I read Newsweek's special commemorative issue - Obama's American Dream. As America prepares itself for it's first freely elected African-American President, and I see pictures of his Kenyan farming paternal grandmother, his true blue American mother and grandparents, and his Indonesian step father - there's just one thought that keeps whirring in my brain - has the world reached the Tipping Point of Human Globalization?

Almost 150 years back, when Lincoln passed the motion to abolish the slavery of 'black people', an event like this would've been a Black Swan - but today, it's reality. Everywhere around me I see people of multiple faiths and nationalities belonging to one blood-family. While these people 'everywhere' may not be a majority population of this world, they are definitely changing the map of the global human psyche.

As Obama becomes the President of the most powerful and influential country of Earth, Africa - the largest continent on Earth, becomes eternally linked to America. It's a rare man, who does not feel the pull of his original or adoptive motherland. And it's a rare man or maybe there's only one man, who will feel the pull of both his motherlands - and be in a position to do something about it. The man, who will come closest to almost ruling the world, may never forget his roots to the world's poorest economy.

With this my mind moves towards the softer impacts of Obama becoming the US President.

Barack Obama is a man, who was once 'one of us'. He had no political background or Godfather. His bloodline is Afro-American. His livelihood was that of a University Professor, his family includes his wife and two daughters amongst a large set of relations. As he sets out to become the President, America and the world may see a man who is grounded in reality, and with that background when he gives us the mantra of HOPE and of CHANGE, I feel I may just have to believe him.

When I see pictures of his visit to a CARE HIV centre near Kenya, with small little African children - I wonder what must be going on in his mind. Did he think at that time (2006), about what he could do for these conditions, now, not just in his country but also his country of origin - and then maybe on a more humanistic level for whole world? Will this man be the first amongst his predecessors to actually 'feel' for his people and empathize with them, and honestly strive to change things without any previous political mindset hampering his intentions? I wonder if the world will see a change in the political perspectives of an American (read all influencing) President.

If I were that student, who took lessons from him in Chicago Law School, what would I be feeling today about my professor - the man who became the President? Would this man, who taught for almost a decade or maybe more, continue to remain sensitive towards the needs of educational institutions, teachers and of education in itself? As he speaks to the World, will his speeches remind the students (who could be lawyers, economists etc etc today) of their sessions in college, or any incidents of personal motivation from him? Would I, as an ordinary American have access to this man - the man who was once my 'teacher'? Today, do I have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with the President of my country?

I would like to believe, that Barack Obama and the likes of him, may be the harbingers of the new humanistic world to come.
And with that, let me get back to Isaac Asimov's Prelude To Foundation, where humanity has gone beyond the boundaries of Earth...