Thursday, March 02, 2006


It's the day I've been dreading and at the same time really looking forward to, for the last one month! Today, the ratings for the first three episodes of my reality series will be out. Now of course, on the one hand I don't want to believe in it, but can't do without it either - let's just say, it's like friction - a necessary evil! :)

But I've got the perfect philosophy in place in case the numbers don't come! Arz kiya hai -

Bavajud-e yak hungama, paidai nahin
Hai charagan-e shabistan-e dil-e parvana hum

Translates into -
Despite the tumult all around, there is no real existence
As we're merely the lit-up lamps in the bedchamber of a moth's heart.

Cool eh??!!!Hmmm... so the wait is on.

Just don't feel like writing anymore.....

So bye for today.....

Banengein hum rockstars??!!!